Are There ISO Standards for Manufacturing?

Are There ISO Standards for Manufacturing

There are different ISO standards for each type of industry – may this be in the business sector or not. Consumers can even benefit from these International Standards. But the good news for manufacturers and consumers alike, there are actually ISO standards for the manufacturing of goods and products.

But you may begin to ask, what are these? And how could this be possible? Well, the International Organization for Standardization always ensures to publish and release standards dedicated not only for the interests of the business sectors but also for the interests of the consumers.

If you find yourself interested or curious in even the least bit, head-on and read more about the ISO standards for manufacturing.

ISO Standards Most Suited for Manufacturing

Just like anything else, there are certain standards, which are considered to be the best and most suitable for manufacturing. Among the standards most suited for manufacturing include

ISO 9001

This standard governs quality and its control that may be used for any industry. However, this is given of utmost importance upon manufacturing. An ISO 9001 certification delegates that your business prioritizes its customers as well as stays committed to the consistent delivery of quality products.

Moreover, ISO 9001 has been globally recognized for its practices to enforce efficiency as well as drive continual improvement.

ISO 14001

The standard of ISO 14001 on the other hand helps to quantify, observe, and control the constant outcomes upon the environmental impact of your products or services. Through the efficient management of natural resources with manufacturing, energy and waste production may be improved.

This can result in a more credible reputation and image of your corporation, resulting in more customers and more opportunities upon which you will be able to cut off any unnecessary expenses.

ISO 9013

This regulates the quality of plasma or laser cutting service providers whether they have been certified or not. Moreover, this standard determines the geometry and tolerances of any thermal cuts.

It also includes materials that can be used for flame cutting, plasma cutting, and laser cutting. ISO 9013 can be applied to flame cuts ranging from 3 mm to 300 mm, plasma cuts of 0.5 mm up to 150 mm as well as laser cuts from 0.5 mm to 32 mm.

ISO 45001

With this standard, you will be able to perform and integrate an effective and proven Occupational Health and Safety Management System. This will significantly reduce any chances of accidents as well as breaches of the legislation.

ISO 10204

This standard specifies material authentication, which applies to both metals and non-metals.

Why Should We Care?

To manufacture items, it must have been ensured that products have gone through thorough testing and no longer contain any type of hazardous material. In addition, you will be able to gain customers’ trust upon the adherence of and certification for ISO Standards. To have been guaranteed for ISO certification means you take the welfare of your consumers and workers very seriously and that there is no room for any compromises.